Zonk Zonk

"Zonk Zonk", 2006
Room installation;
DVD, 17’12 min., Black acyrl paint, dimensions variable

Mustafa Kunt’s installation ‘Zonk Zonk’ takes as its theme the visual classification of emotional situations, how they become tangible by means of the silhouettes on the wall and the video material. Due to the cross-fading of the two levels of presentation, it remains unclear whether the figures which appear as silhouettes on the wall are also ecstatic dancers or protesters or fighters taken from media reports. An emotionally charged devotion shown by the protagonists appears to be mutual to both representations. The shadow images resemble the dancers in their gestures, however the static and solid portrayal of the figures as shadows illustrates a certain affinity to images of protesters who express their emotional tension for different reasons to the dancers in the projection. Felix Ruhöfer

Zonk Zonk.robertjohnson from Özlem Gunyol on Vimeo.