“untitled”, 2004
scheme of adhesive letters, dimension variable

"Learning a language is related not only to the understanding of a sentence structure and the meaning of the words, but also to the organization of letters. Furthermore it is also characteristic for any language that the person calling the words with a certain sound and rhythm designates the usage of that language. Even a person learning a new language still approaches to the foreign language with his/her own linguistic melody and rhythm and this phenomenon sometimes causes misunderstanding."

In this work, it is intended to show a different type of language in a writing,which is made with pronounciations of the English words in Turkish language, by using the explanations about pronounciations of the words, of English-Turkish dictionary. In this way, this created writing includes and excludes both languages at the same time. It is also aimed at designating the gap between the visual perception of language and practice of speaking which depends on the way the person pronounces and attributes certain characteristics to the words belonging his/her past.