Spread the Word

Spread the Word, 2012

Interaktive Rauminstallation / Interactive room installation
Holz, Konfetti, Konfetti-Kanonen, Folie, Permanentmarker, Klebeband /
Wood, confetti, confetti canons, foil, permanent pen, tape

Spread the Word work is made from political party statements used on the posters that were hang at public spaces in Germany in the last years. In the work, all the words used in these statements are separated from their context and shown in an alphabetical order. In this way, each word gains its independent position. But in a way, this independence is still dependent on the statements. Because by putting all these words in a pot, the work creates an index of words, which also gives statistical information on the recent political topics and their psychological behaviour.
When this whole process leaves the visitor with the group of words and with their meanings, the work also welcomes them to build up their own sentences for possible new statements.

Spread the Word work comprises an index of the words used in the political party statements, thousands of small-scale printouts of each word used in that index and hundreds of confetti shooters.

This work is completed with the contribution of the visitors. Therefore, each contributor who builds up his/her statement by using the index of words is asked to write this statement on the white surface of two shooters. Both shooters are filled with printouts of the words of the contributor's statement. The contributor keeps one of the shooters with himself/herself and the other stays with the work. In this way, when one edition of the new statement stays permanently with the work, the other edition spreads the new combination of words back in the public space.

Spread the word from Özlem Gunyol on Vimeo.

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