Self Defence

Self Defence, 2015
Stainless steel; ø 80 cm; length of sound waves: 324 m

visualizes the collective sound of protestors during the Gezi Park resistance. In this piece, the artists magnify a thirteen second sound file recorded during the protests and turn it into a 324 metre razor wire. The sound waves gain physical forms as steel plates and are f ixed on a spring wire as if they are protrusions on a razor wire. The fact that the audio recording is a file found on the internet highlights the anonymity of the spread of Gezi protests. On the other hand, the razor wire was produced in one piece, presenting all sound waves, each unique in shape, as part of a whole, reminding of the Gezi experience as a collectiv e existence within a plurality of differences. Using as a starting point the use of razor wire for protection purposes, the artists visualized a similar type of protected area created by the coming together of protestors against the oppressing power. The fact that Gezi Park still continues to exist as a park as again of the resistance can be considered a result of such collectively created protected area. The installation of the work in the gallery space aims to reflect a sense of solidarity, the idea of a crowd that incorporates differences while also creating a solid ground for itself. Rana Öztürk

Images 1,3,4,5,6 ©Işık Kaya

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