Section 1

Section 1, 2005
DVD, 4’44 min.

The short, looped sequence captures the reenactment of a scene from the
movie Itiraf(2002) by renown Turkish director Zeki Demirkubuz, which tells
the story of a man suspecting his wife of being unfaithful. While Günyol
and Kunt stick close to the actual dialogue in the original scene, they
substantially alter it by transposing it from the semipublic setting of a
restaurant to the – seemingly – private setting of a kitchen, glimpsed at
through a door ajar. The often abrasive, hurtful nature of what is said is
juxtaposed with their curiously calm behavior, all in all creating a weird
layering of a fictional scenario taken from a film, the reality of a couple,
and the performative effort of two artists producing a piece. Jörg Heiser

section 1 from Özlem Gunyol on Vimeo.