Scheinbogen, 2014

Inkjetdruck auf / Ink-jet print on
Hahnemühle photo rag ultra smooth
305 gr; 150 × 150 cm., alu-dibond,
Holz-Schattenfugenrahmen / Wooden
frame; 152 × 152 cm

Scheinbogen consists of the seven colors of the seven euro banknotes from 5 to 500 euros. The colors have been taken from the specimen notes on the European Central Bank website and—starting with the 5-euro note and increasing in value—positioned diagonally next to each other so that they call to mind a rainbow. The rainbow, a magnificent spectacle of nature, has left its trace in the cultural history of mankind, appearing as a motif in countless artworks from Caspar David Friedrich and Joseph Anton Koch to Peter Paul Rubens. The title Scheinbogen contains several meanings: the German word Schein can refer to the sheen of a rainbow, to a banknote, but it can also mean a mirage or illusion. Sandra Dichtl

Photo: Roland Baege

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