⫖ Scamming

A series of pieces by stafett as a contribution to a group show at Palazzo​ ​Lancia, Turin

Invited to participate in a group show that would be concerned with
contemporary myth making, we as a group developed a treatment of
an unstable situation.
Thinking about landscapes on u-shaped rods, towers built to represent
names and unfolding objects that are similar to skyscrapers, we worked
on shapes in between modernism and po-mo. In my case I implemented
a magnetic-tool flashlight holding a sculpture, a proposal made of paper,
floating several meters above ground, above what essentially was Via Lancia,
the street over which the architecture of the Palazzo is built.
In this sense stafett had created pieces specifically for this exhibition at the
Palazzo Lancia.
Reacting to the structure of the Palazzo, the grid and it’s ornamentation,
we exchanged motives within the representative meaning, within the lie and
the act of name giving.
What is the building other than a house or folded cards, bubbles and combs,
frames and surfaces?

Anna-Sophie Berger, Tatjana Danneberg, Melanie Ebenhoch, Oscar Enberg, Haris Epaminonda, Francesca Ferreri, Lena Henke, Renato Leotta, Irina Lotarevich, Paul Maheke, Lydia Ourahmane & Hiba Ismail, Stéphanie Saadé, Fabio Santacroce, Anna Schwarz, Anna Solal

documentation by Flavio Palasciano, curation by Flavio Palasciano and Franziska Sophie Wildförster

        view of the exhibition space at Palazzo Lancia from the outside    the entrance hall    exhibition view with pieces by Melanie Ebenhoch, Anna-Sophie Berger, Lena Henke and Fabio Santacroce    pieces by Anna-Sophie Berger, Melanie Ebenhoch, Stéphanie Saadé and Minda Andrén    pieces by Renato Leotta, Minda Andrén and Alexander Jackson Wyatt    pieces by Minda Andrén and Alexander Jackson Wyatt as part of Stafett    detail of Minda Andrén's "All Modern Things Have Always Existed"    "Standing Ovation" as part of Stafett, in the back Irina Lotarevich's "Stacks"    detail of "Standing Ovation"    exhibition view    pieces by Melanie Ebenhoch and Fabio Santacroce    piece by Haris Epaminonda and Francesca Ferreri    exhibition view    pieces by Francesca Ferreri and Alexander Jackson Wyatt    Alexander Jackson Wyatt's "In Turin, Flavio Lied" as part of Stafett    pieces by Oscar Enberg and Anna Schwarz    pieces by Stéphanie Saadé, Irina Lotarevich and myself    "Standing Ovation"    detail of "Standing Ovation"    detail of "Standing Ovation"    detail of "Standing Ovation"    pieces by Melanie Ebenhoch, Irina Lotarevich and Flavio Palasciano    pieces by Flavio Palasciano as part of Stafett    "Fragile Costruzione Mobile" by Flavio Palasciano as part of Stafett