ø tu quoque

We have the agency to establish and verify facts, to change and justify beliefs
- to make sense of things. A game based on 6 different argumentative fallacies
taken from North American culture can be a proper way to train this capacity.
"tu quoque" is a multi-media installation piece that seeks to study
argumentative aesthetics and it's sculptural equivalencies as game figures.

Upon an invitation by Kathrin Euler I presented a body of work conceived for
Barichgasse 6 in Vienna in January 2017. The components are „the game kit“,
a sculpture made of polystyrol, clay, wax colors, aluminium, and „per unum“,
a 1-channel video of 8 min 31 sec (link)
as well as „know your ropes“, a pigment print on A4 paper along side an
assortment of „the red hering“, 3 pralines made of nougat, chocolate,
marzipan and matcha tea powder.

personal documentation