Music for 4 No-Input-Mixer and playback

Mixtapes are presents. For friends, beloved ones, for oneself. the presents value lies as well in the time it took to pick the right music to fit and arrange it on the cassette, mini disk or CD as in the time it takes listening to it. this time is a shared one from the person who gives and the one who receives. The music put on the tape can be read a signs, personal or cultural rememberences, lefovers from stories only the two persons identify with this music.

In opposition to mixtapes no-input-mixers do not sound with pre composed material but with self resonating feedback. They are stuck in themselves and hard to control from outside. they may be guided into a certain direction and then be observed. This way they can be seen as an in-warded counterpoint to the communicative mixtapes.

The music piece is a score for four solipsistic subjects and one present to the outside.

Live Recording, Suono Mobile, Stuttgart, May 4th 2013

WP: 04.05.2013, souno mobile, Stuttgart