II Mirage

A year since the soporific debut in the 4th district of Vienna, the second
chapter, Mirage II was meant to be a group show floating on water and
cooling off at the end of a long summer.

Mirage, as a site-specific, relocating format, focuses on inviting artists
to show in an ambiguous terrain between public space and areas of privacy,
framing itself in a certain idea of escapism, of cheap hedonism that defines
its boundaries.

Due to bureaucratic misunderstandings the event had to move from the
popular recreational area of the Untere Alte Donau into the more recluse,
city fleeting terrain of the Donau Island.

Our trail was to be found starting at the pillars of the Ostbahn bridge
and ending across the shores of the KWK power plant on the other side
of the Neue Donau.

A body of water dear to the Viennese stuck in the city in the summer,
the Donau - as a ready-for-leisure area, has become the arena for the
artists to exhibit in and inflatable boats are the supporting framework
of this situation.

Participating Artists:
Ismini Adami, Minda Andrén, Jennifer Gelardo, Parastu Gharabaghi,
Benjamin Grodin, Sophie Hammer, Bauer Verlag, Sonia Leimer, Feidhlim
McConigly, Billie Meskens, Christoph Meier, Sarah Mosca, Flavio Palasciano,
Ivan Pérard, Nora Severios and Alexander Jackson Wyatt

documentation by Stafett, Lilly Lulay, Nora Severios and Samuel Q. Franklin

        piece by Sonia Leimer         piece by Christoph Meier         piece by Ivan Pérard                        text by Bauer Verlag         silicon-rubber frame facing the donau after bathing                        pieces by Flavio Palasciano                   piece by Sonia Leimer    pieces by Ismini Adami & Feidhlim McConigly              piece by Alexander Jackson Wyatt              piece by Minda Andrén                        text by Sarah Mosca read by Alexander Jackson Wyatt              pieces by Nora Severios              pieces by Nora Severios              piece by Parastu Gharabaghi                   action pieces by Benjamin Grodin, Sophie Hammer & Billie Meskens