Haziran 2013

Haziran 2013, 2015
June 2013

Artist print on Hahnemühle canvas 340 g/m²
140*300 cm

The facade of the AKM building in Taksim Square was covered with posters during the Gezi Park protests in 2013. The variances of the posters on the facade were a reflection of the type of solidarity during the Gezi Park protests: The collective existence of differences.

Some weeks after the protests has started, police forces removed the posters and hang a huge Turkish flag on the facade of AKM building.

In our work June 2013, sound waves of Gezi Park protests and the image of the facade that is covered with posters are superimposed on one another. So, the colours that are seen through the sound waves are actually the image of the facade with posters and the dimensions of the work are proportional to the facade of AKM building.

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