Performance / Installation, 07.2014

for the exhibition »A Museum of Immortality« Home Workspace Program, Ashkal Alwan, Beirut.

ESCAPING IMMORTALITY is a response on the Russian Cosmist’s idea that is both, fascinating and terrifying at the same time – to preserve the remains of every human being in order to resurrect them in a distant future, creating an enforced realm of immortality. In order to escape this intention, today, in Beirut, a mission will take place, referred to as »ESCAPING IMMORTALITY« – the first of its kind. A rocket will be launched, to save the project leader’s remains from the threat of immortality.
The rocket is carrying items representing the person to be saved: some hair, an old milk tooth, some drops of blood. The mission of the rocket will be to re-open the mentioned closure, to destroy and thereby save the objects on board from immortality. May the rocket reach other systems up there or may it never reach a destination at all, may it float there forever, or simply explode into countless bits and pieces.

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