Elektronische Musik in zwei Teilen

Für Flöte, Oboe, Trompete, Schlagzeug und Elektronik

Dauer: 2x 8'

Alternative Versionen für

Flöte, Oboe, E-Gitarre, Percussion und Elektronik
Klarinette in Es, Violoncello, Schlagzeug, Elektronik

„...besser, immer besser, besser besser denn wir haben viel geschafft in letzter Zeit. Es geht weiter weiter weiter, immer weiter weiter weiter wenns noch weiter geht dann geht es fast zu weit.“

The Schlager music from Germany from the 50th already contained its own excess. Lyrics and Music are from such harmless banality that debauchery, brutality, exorbitance and loss of control are always present as the virtual counterpart of what is sounding. Not by chance a lot of the lyrics warn the audience not to exaggerate things, “elsewhise ...”.
The excess threatens to break out in two directions: “Up”, towards a life full of pleasure and exhilaration, or “Down”, towards depression. Both ways of excess disrupt the ideological system of the Schlager so that besides warnings in most text we are remembered how well our life is and how lucky we are.
The dream of a well-off, brave standard human being seems to be fragile and easy to break by - what we could call in a pathetic way: life.
Both parts of „Es geht besser besser...“ are made of sounds from a German Schlager from the 50th and move it towards excesses. While in the first part the song is dissected and the structure is narrative, the second part is a simultaneous playback of all sounds, reverberated until it is “smoothed out” in a drone.

28.05.2011, Ensemble Chronophonie, Freiburg
19.05.2017, Landesjugendensemble BW, Stuttgart
16.04.2018, KNM, Radialsystem Berlin
06.07.2018, Ensemble Aventure, Elisabeth Schneider Stiftung, Freiburg