Dead Zoo

Dead Zoo, 2012

Stuffed animal, medals; digital video, 30’ sec. loop; sound, 4’45 min. loop

Animals have been used for military purposes for centuries. They have been used for communication, spying, transportation, explosives detectors and even as weapons. Like people, some of them received medals for their “extraordinary” services in the military or they were promoted.

The title of the work and the exhibition “Dead Zoo” takes its name from the Natural History Museum Dublin or as Dubliners call it “The Dead Zoo”. The work in the exhibition Dead Zoo classifies nature in a different way. Animals represented in this Dead Zoo are not scientifically but militarily classified.

Installation consists of a stuffed animal, hundreds of medals produced by the artists, a looped video and the sound of a so-called jungle with the sounds of military animals.

DEAD ZOO SOUND from Özlem Gunyol on Vimeo.

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