Ceaseless Doodle

“Ceaseless Doodle”, 2009

Wandzeichnung mit Permanentmarker / Wall drawing with permanent marker,
320 × 320 cm

This work includes all the national borderlines in the world. To make it, we
printed the borderlines of all the countries in the world on A4-size pieces of
paper, thus equalizing the territorial size of small countries such as
Luxembourg with large countries such as Canada or China. These images
were drawn on transparent papers, scanned into a computer, then projected
and traced onto a wall, superimposed on one another. The effect is of an
intricately interwoven orb of the world-a seemingly aimless “globe” scribble
that is actually composed of precisely drawn borderlines.

Installation view - Kunsthalle Mannheim,foto: C.Yücetas  -