❢ Looking Forward

A group of people were invited by Olivia Coeln to produce an art show
in a former bank in the centre of Vienna. In a situation where artists
create an art exhibition for the mere interest of being together and
featuring one another the event becomes a celebration. We were
offering topics and forms of our very personal interests to a hetergenic
flow of passers-by. The act of self-representation is what I meant to heighten
with my stand-up display and the image taken for a former client,
a training agency.

"Celebration" is a reading piece produced for this group show with
Brishty Alam, Olivia Coeln, Alexander Goll, Barbara Hainz, Sebastian
Hoch, Sami Nagasaki, Flavio Palasciano, Jakob Rockenschaub, Stephanie
Stern, Marina Sula, Johanna Charlotte Trede in July 2016 at the Hochhaus
Herrengasse in Vienna.

documentation by Flavio Palasciano and personal

        pieces by Olivia Coeln, Sebastian Hoch, Sami Nagasaki, Flavio Palasciano and Jakob Rockenschaub    pieces by Jennifer Gelardo, Barbara Hainz, Sebastian Hoch, Marina Sula and Johanna Charlotte Trede    pieces by Jennifer Gelardo, Alexander Goll, Barbara Hainz, Flavio Palasciano and Sebastian Hoch         pieces by Alexander Goll    piece by Barbara Hainz    pieces by Jakob Rockenschaub    pieces by Alexander Goll, Flavio Palasciano, Stephanie Stern    piece by Alexander Goll    a styrofoam vase and display for a two-sided paper print of a text and image with a dried palm frond         original photo by Camilo Brau & Jennifer Gelardo for a start-up company              pieces by Jennifer Gelardo and Marina Sula    piece by Flavio Palasciano    piece by Barbara Hainz    pieces by Barbara Hainz and Flavio Palasciano    piece by Sami Nagasaki    piece by Sebastian Hoch    piece by Jakob Rockenschaub    piece by Olivia Coeln    piece by Olivia Coeln    video piece by Brishty Alam    piece by Flavio Palasciano    piece by Flavio Palasciano