⇶ Tiefe Kirschen

An excerpt from the group show "Tiefe Kirschen". As a class exhibition 17
students had been invited by the gallerist to participate. In this situation
I presented pieces that had derived from the game of „tu quoque“ as singular
forms or as images, as well as a scissor-object and a newly developed
silicon-rubber frame. It was my choice to lay the pieces on the ground,
a gesture of refusal of proper representation, a vulnerable posture.
In addition I asked some classmates to perform the 3rd round of
this game with me during the opening.
We also had invited Ariane Müller and Melanie Ohnemus to
contribute written reflections on this particular kind of situation.

personal documentation

        design by Fabian Leitgeb              pieces by Ania Shestakova & Jelena Micić    texts by Ariane Müller & Melanie Ohnemus, piece: Alexander Jackson Wyatt    texts by Ariane Müller & Melanie Ohnemus    pieces by Benjamin Grodin & Myles Starr, publication: Samuel Bich, Katharina Hölz & Fabian Leitgeb              game figure of tu quoque         pieces by Sasha Auerbakh, Florian Mayr & Martyn Reynolds              piece by Anna Holtz                             steel scissors and silicon-rubber framed photography                        pieces by Benjamin Grodin & Alexander Jackson Wyatt              piece by Fabian Leitgeb    text by Katharina Hölzl    the game set of tu quoque