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Colour Progression
New paintings and drawings
by Isabel Albrecht

18th January to 17th February 2008
Opening : 17th January, 7-9pm

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art
11 Church Street
London NW8 8EE

Press Release

Repetition has been central to the work of Isabel Albrecht, mainly under the aspect of pure recurrence, as central means to generate pattern and a rigorous working practice.

While her work is based on constructivist principles such as symmetry, progression and serial order and follows simple pre-determined systems and self-imposed regulations, the pictorial effects of the work are often surprising and incalculable quite in spite of their firm origin in logical calculation.

Central to Albrecht's work is the continuous use of the single repeated vertical line. Either as fine tonally nuance lines in the progression-paintings or the multicolored paintings which often take urban architecture as their inspiration.

In the new paintings Albrecht identically repeats light and dark sequences of one color or a succession of colored lines. The colored lines can be variegated but are harmoniously balanced. The lines are applied meticulously parallel to each other. each line standing slightly embossed next to the other.

Uncountable, controlled, small brush-lines with minute differences in the thickness and density of the painted or pencilled lines. These irreguliarities shape the emergence of an accidental pattern and bring a strong dynamic to the work.