Isoptera edenda collis, Group Show, Parallel, Vienna
Dream'n Wild, Group Show, ALASKA Projects, Sydney
4everandSpace, Group Show, Kunsthalle Turnhalle, Vienna
Glass Jaws, A Stafett Exhibition, Gomo, Vienna
Echoland with Mads Hvidtfeldt, Kurzbauergasse, Vienna
Carved and Shaped by Proximity, Group Show, PINA, Vienna


Scamming, Group Show, Palazzo Lancia, Turino
MIRAGE II, Stafett curated Group Show, Donau Insel, Vienna
Tiefe Kirschen, Group Show, Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer, Vienna
Official Opening/Inauguration, Group Show, foundation, Vienna
Round 2, Screening with a contribution Bruno Mokross, Aquarium, Vienna
Tu Quoque, Solo Show, invited by K. Euler, Barichgasse 6, Vienna


Parallax, Group Show by F. McConigly, Atanas Petrov Foundation, Pleven
More is More, Group Show by A. Lia Orsi, Schloss Schöngrabern, Unterwaltersdorf
Klassenausstellung Textuelle Bildhauerei, Group Show, Skulpturenpark Graz
Stacked Feet Endless. Five Dreams of Southern Earth, Group Show, Projektraum basis, Frankfurt
SORRY, RW Club's Publication Launch @ hand bag, Vienna
LOOKING FORWARD, Group Show by O. Coeln, Hochhaus Herrengasse, Vienna
MIRAGE I, Stafett curated Neighborhood Exhibition, 4th district, Vienna
STAFETT - Show with Minda Adrén, Flavio Palasciano, Alexander J. Wyatt and Mes Meufs @Transporter, Vienna
NON-BOOK, Group Show, Klingspormuseum, Offenbach


Screening #4 Wien, Schwarzwaldallee, Basel
Sonia Leimer, Group Show, with Flavio Palasciano, Jakob Rockenschaub, Parallel, Vienna
Parfümiert mit Dynamit, Sommerausstellung, basis, Frankfurt
ZWEI ÜBERLEGUNGEN ZU POSTROMANTIK, with Hannalisa Kunyik, Projektraum basis, Frankfurt
I Cross my fingers and..., Wednesday Show, with Jakob Rockenschaub, Semper Depot, Vienna
ZWEI ÜBERLEGUNGEN ZU PRODUKTIONSÄSTHETIK, with Hannahlisa Kunyik, Chambre d’Amis, Semper Depot, Vienna

This will be difficult because it might seem senseless at times, Screening, On Display, basis e. V., Frankfurt
LHM@KGB, Kurzbauergasse, Vienna

Monade Show, Group Project by F. Reither, Okapi Studio, Vienna


translate:Skeptizism, Solo Show, Kunstbibliothek/Städelbibliothek, Goethe University, Frankfurt
A Score Based Project, Aussenwelt, Group Show, Frankfurt
7th FdjT/What Happens in Offenbach Stays in Offenbach, Group Show, Harbor Offenbach


A TV Show, Solo Show, train station, Offenbach
Show Me Your Love, Group Show with Students of SIVA, City Library, Shanghai
7th Lichter Art Award, Screening, Frankfurt


Die Endlose, Solo Show,


Black Dice, Solo Show, Galerie Forum-1822, Frankfurt
407-OPEN. WINDOWS, Group Show, Diamantenbörse, Frankfurt
An Image Exchange, Presentation with Simon Speiser, Regenbogen, Stuttgart
Surreale Dinge, Group Project of et al*, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt
COOP 6 - Experimentelle Raumkonzepte, Group Show, Diamantenbörse, Frankfurt


Das Geisterhaus with et al*, Performance Event, Frankfurt
Festival Junger Talente, Group Show, Diamantenbörse, Frankfurt

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Textual Sculpture, Heimo Zobernig

University of Fine Arts and Design Offenbach a. M.
Photography and Philosophy, Martin Liebscher, Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch

Publication and Text

Scamming, Exhibition Catalogue by F. Palasciano and F. S. Wildförster, 2018
In Awe. Exhibition Review, Topical Cream, 2017
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L. Engert, M. Rüdiger: 2015
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project grant ABK Wien, 2017
project grant HfG Offenbach, publication grant ABK Wien, project grant Wiedener Bezirksamt, 2016
Erasmus+-grant, project grant ABK Wien, publication grant F&F HfG Offenbach, 2015
annual material grant, Mosbach Stiftung, project grant HfG, project grant F&F HfG Offenbach, 2014
Deutschlandstipendium through Dr. Marschner Stiftung, 2013
studio grant basis e.V. Frankfurt, 2012
exhibition grant Stiftung1822 Frankfurt, 2011